Halal tourism has the advantage for the West Sumatra

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Halal tourism has the advantage for the West Sumatra

Tourism Team Calendar and Ministry of Tourism, Tazbir with PHRI Chair Maulana Yusran and Marketing Head of W Sumatra Tourism Office Hendri Agung Indrianto. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Miko Elfisha)

Padang (ANTARA) - Halal tourism is an advantage for W Sumatra because it has a clear target market with the potential to reach 30 million people a year.

"Being able to take just 5 percent of the potential will be very unusual for W Sumatra," said a source from the Ministry of Tourism, Tazbir during the Technical Guidance on Synchronizing Tourism Promotion in the European Market in Padang on Monday.

According to him, halal tourism means that it can provide comfort for Muslim tourists to be able to worship in tourist attractions or culinary centers that have been certified.

The advantage of halal tourism is that food in a hotel or culinary center is hygienic because the concept of halal also requires cleanliness.

Then do not mix with non-halal food both storage and cooking equipment. So that the halal remains awake.

Then the ablution and washing including the toilets in the destination are clean. If it is dirty, it cannot be included in the concept of halal.

The price that must be paid by tourists is also guaranteed in accordance with the price of services or goods because in its concept in Islam the capital price and selling price must be reasonable.

"All the best that tourists can get is in the concept of halal tourism. This is very beneficial for tourists, just how to sell it, "said Tazbir who is currently included in the Tourism Ministry's Calencer of Event Team.

Because of that he was confused as to why the halal tourism became a polemic in W Sumatra and even a deficiency that can harm tourism..

"Don't get caught up in a useless polemic while other countries are far ahead of us. "Japan and Korea are even more advanced in the concept of halal tourism," he said.

Meanwhile Chairman of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of W Sumatra Maulana Yusran said that many parties were trapped in the wrong perception about halal tourism by identifying it as sharia tourism.

In fact, halal tourism gives Muslim tourists access to worship. While for non-Muslim tourists, it is not forced to apply it according to Islamic sharia. They can still consume food or drinks as they wish.

"So halal tourism does not limit non-Muslim tourists from consuming alcoholic beverages in W Sumatra. Maybe the place is adjusted, "he said.

He hopes in the future there will be a common perception among all parties related to halal tourism so that they are not trapped in a narrow perception.

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