Regent of Pesisir Selatan "sells" Mandeh Island to Jordan

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Regent of Pesisir Selatan "sells" Mandeh Island to Jordan

Perahu wisata merapat di pantai Baga, Kawasan Wisata Bahari Terpadu (KWBT) Mandeh, Pesisir Selatan, Sumatera Barat, Rabu (30/1/2019). Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat (PUPR) telah merampungkan pembangunan jalan akses sepanjang 41,08 km ke KWBT Mandeh dan kini tempat tersebut dapat dicapai dalam 1-1,5 jam dari kota Padang. ANTARA FOTO/Iggoy el Fitra/foc.

Painan (ANTARA) - Regent of Pesisir Selatan, W Sumatra, Hendrajoni explained the potential of the Mandeh Integrated Marine Tourism Area (KWBT) to investors and Jordanian travel agents at the Jordanian Embassy in Jakarta on Tuesday.

"Yesterday Monday August 6, he left for Jakarta, today he is scheduled to go directly to the Jordanian Embassy," said Rinaldi , the Head of the Pesisir Selatan Public Relations and Protocol Section, in Painan.

He explained that there are many potentials that Hendrajoni will explain, ranging from the beauty of KWBT Mandeh with its calm waters and exotic island clusters, to its management potential.

"The presentation at the Jordanian Embassy is an inseparable part in the construction of the KWBT Mandeh," he continued.

He revealed that the construction of KWBT Mandeh received intense support from the central government, starting from the construction of the ring road to the efforts to realize the Special Economic Zone at the location.

Specifically for the central government ring road in the period 2015-2017, it has built 16 kilometers of road and a width of six meters, with a total budget of Rp88.26 billion.

While in 2018, 25.08 kilometers of roads will be rebuilt under three work contracts. The first contract is the 13.03 kilometer Mandeh tourist access road work package with a contract value of Rp55.18 billion.

The second contract is the Mandeh tourism access road construction package (continued) along 12.05 Km with a value of Rp59.9 billion.

Next is the third contract, which is the work package for replacement, rehabilitation and periodic maintenance of the Mandeh tourist access road bridge for 12 bridges with a total length of 245 meters, valued at Rp 12.7 billion.

While regarding KEK, the master plan for its development will be prepared by the Deputy for the Development of Tourism Destinations, Ministry of Tourism.

"Activities begin in early July 2019 and are targeted with the completion of the document, the regulation on the Mandeh SEZ will come out in 2020," he said.

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