Women in the household industry in Tanah Datar are trained for gender equality

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Office of the Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) Tanah Datar District.

Batusangkar (ANTARA) - Social Service and the Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) Tanah Datar District, W Sumatra is empowering women with training in home industries in the area in order to carry out gender equality programs.

"Through this home industry women can work without having to leave home, even a developed home industry can create jobs," said Head of the Gender Mainstreaming and Empowerment Division of Tanah Datar Mely Hendrayani in Batusangkar on Friday.

She said women were also eligible to be given the opportunity to be able to compete amid increasingly high economic development.

Moreover, in fulfilling the economy the female family first felt the impact of the economic disparity on basic household needs.

"For that we continue to strive to develop skills programs for women to have their own income. One of them is the home industry, "she said.

She said in 2018 it had trained as many as 60 housewives and provided assistive devices according to their respective business needs.In 2019 it only trained around 40 people and was carried out in stages.

From 60 people who have been trained in 2018 it is believed that they have become a livelihood to support their family's economic growth.

"Especially with the advancement of technology, the home industry can also be marketed from home via the internet," she said.

She admitted that with the gender equality efforts besides being able to increase the husband's income, he also created women who were independent, reliable and able to compete in the middle of the industry.

She also encouraged women to be involved in organizing organizations and women's discussion forums such as the Women's Organization, Bundo Kanduang, and even council members.

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