Residents of Jorong Maligi, Pasaman Barat, use waste with ecobric

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Residents of Jorong Maligi, Pasaman Barat, use waste with ecobric

A number of students and communities were trained when using trash using ecobric techniques in Maligi Pasaman Barat.

Simpang Empat (ANTARA) - Residents of Jorong Padang Jaya and Maligi District of Sasak Ranah Pasisa District of West Pasaman, W Sumatra use household waste and seafront garbage to make ecobric.

One of the youths in the area, Edi Candra, on Sunday July 28 hopes that this effort can prevent environmental damage and clean plastic waste and have a positive impact on their lives and economy.

The community uses plastic trash and drink bottles to make ecobrics to have more value.

The making of ecobics is a follow-up to the information from the West Pasaman Environment Office and driven by youth and local communities to prevent environmental pollution from plastic.

A number of students and children are very motivated because every ten bottles of ecobric will be given a gift of one bottle of drink.

According to him, the environmental care and waste management activities received a positive response from the community so that the youth and the government tried to encourage similar activities to continue and could save the environment.

In addition to household waste, in Maligi it is also often found garbage from the sea so that it needs effective ways to prevent damage and educate the public about the impact of the damage.

He hopes that the plastic waste management activities can continue. In addition to being in the form of ecobrics, the community also requested that there be a location for processing waste so that the garbage is no longer disposed of by the people to the sea or river near their homes.

Meanwhile, Head of the Environmental Agency of West Pasaman, Andrinaldi, appreciated the community activities to help save the environment from the threat of plastic waste.

It provides moral and material support so that the community together cares about the environment. "Together we can. Let's protect the environment from waste pollution, "he said.

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