A number of activities will be held at Festival Pesona Danau Maninjau

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A number of  activities will be held at Festival Pesona Danau Maninjau

Secretary of Agam District's Tourism, Youth and Sports Office, Agusnaldi. (Antara Sumbar/Yusrizal/bp)

Lubukbasung, (ANTARA) - The Government of Agam District, W Sumatra through the Tourism Office will hold the Festival Pesona Danau Maninjau in 2020 as a place to promote region tourism to the visitors.

Secretary of the Youth and Sports Tourism Agency Agam, Agusnaldi at Lubukbasung, on Friday, said the Festival Pesona Danau Maninjau was planned for July 2020 with an alternative location in Muko-muko Tourism Objects and Linggai Tourism Objects.

"The location cannot be determined now, if the Linggai tourist attraction has been completed, then the activity can be centered there," he said.

Various activities at the festival such as paragliding, dragon boat or rowing boat competition, traditional biduk competition, Tour de Maninjau, Lake Maninjau photo contest, regional culinary competition, traditional fashion show clothes from each sub-district at Agam.

There is also a national scale dance competition, the appearance of 1001 hafiz plus silat, Asmaul Husna competition for student and general, the qasidah rabana competition, Da'i Cilik in the W Sumatra and other competitions.

In this event, each sub-district and nagari or traditional village at Tanjungraya Sub-district will prepare ten jamba (regional specialties) along with the slave bearers in uniform, red-colored kurung basiba clothing and make rakik-rakik.

"We are preparing for the activity, and propose IDR 3.5 billion for the smooth running of this activity in the 2020 Regional Budget Draft (RAPBD) ," he said.

He added that this festival is in order to promote tourism in the area to visitors to the archipelago and abroad.

It is expected that tourism visits will continue to increase and the economy of the surrounding communities will also improve.

In 2018 the number of tourist visits reached 704,084 people, in 2017 there were 653,108 people, in 2016 there were 519,232 people.

"Every year the number of tourist visits increases to the area," he said.

Agam has quite a lot of tourist destinations, is still beautiful and has beautiful scenery.

Attractions such as Puncak Lawang, Lawang Park, Muko-muko, Museum by Hamka , Ambun Tanai, Pantai Pasia Tiku, Bandar Mutiara and others. (*)
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