Pesisir Selatan is still to carry out the Langkisau 2019 Festival

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Pesisir Selatan is still to carry out the Langkisau 2019 Festival

Pesisir Selatan hold the Festival of Langkisau.

Painan (ANTARA) - District Government of Pesisir Selatan, W Sumatra, will continue to hold the Langkisau 2019 Festival which is an annual event in the area even though the implementation schedule has been postponed.

"The Langkisau festival is still held even though it was not held coincide with the anniversary of Pesisir Selatan on April 15, as in the previous year," said Pesisir Selatan Regent, Hendrajoni in Painan, on Tuesday.

He added that the festival performance was postponed due to various considerations considering the simultaneous elections held on April 17, 2019.

Meanwhile, Head of the Pesisir Selatan Relations and Protocol Section, Rinaldi, said that in the Langkisau Festival six sets of activities were held by four regional devices.

The four regional devices are the Youth, Sports and Tourism Agency which held the opening ceremonial, nagari children's games and other attractions, then the selection of tourism ambassador of Pesisir Selatan, the national level beach volleyball circuit and the paragliding championship.

Secondly, the Department of Education and Culture is carrying out Sumarak Budaya Pesisir Selatan activities. Third, the Office of Cooperatives, MSMEs, Trade, Industry and Markets which organized the Painan Expo and finally District IV Jurai held a malamang contest.

Due to the simultaneous implementation of the April 17, 2019 elections, finally only a few of these activities will be held, namely the selection of the tourism ambassador of Pesisir Selatan, held in March 2019, while the beach volleyball circuit will be held July 24-27 2019.

"In addition to these two activities, in the future, a series of activities will continue to be carried out in the follow-up period," he said.

He revealed specifically the budget for holding ceremonial events for opening and nagari children's game competitions, and other activities and the Painan Expo which have been included in the Regional Government Budget 2019.

However, if later the Regional Government Budget Team decides not to carry out the two activities, then the budget will be transferred to a later budget change.

"So the diversion continue through the Regional Government Budget changes," he said.

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