Losses due to natural disasters in Padang Pariaman reached Rp2.2 billion

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Head of BPBD Padang Pariaman Regency Budi Mulya. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Aadiyat M.S)

Parit Malintang (ANTARA) - Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) of Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra estimates that the losses caused by natural disasters that occurred in the area on Tuesday, June 11 reached Rp.2.2 billion.

"It is the disaster data that we collected until 3:00 p.m. in this afternoon," said head of BPBD of Padang Pariaman Regency Budi Mulya at Parit Malintang, on Wednesday.

He said the disaster began from tornadoes, floods, landslides, and lightning which claimed two fatalities, and two people were injured.

The first disaster was a tornado that toppled a tree and hit a house in Nagari Kataping, Batang Anai District.

Then the flash flood hit four nagari in Sungai Limau Subdistrict namely Pilubang Nagari, Koto Tinggi Nagari Hilir Kuranji, Nagari Guguak Kuranji Hilir, and Kuranji Hilir Nagari.

As a result of the disaster 490 housing units, 450 kiosk units, one worship house unit, 80 hectares of farmland, and two fish ponds submerged in floods.

In addition, he continued, four irrigation units and three bridge units were damaged and two livestock residents were washed away by the floods.

Next was a landslide in Nagari Batu Gadang Kuranji Hulu, Sungai Geringging Sub-district which claimed one fatality and two people were injured.

Then the extreme weather in Nagari Seulayat Ulakan in the District of Ulakan Tapakis where the victim reportedly fainted and died after the lightning blew a pine tree whose position was close to the victim.

Before this, BPBD in Padang Pariaman Regency noted that one resident died and two others suffered injuries from floods and landslides that hit the area on Tuesday.

"The disaster was due to the high intensity of rain that flushed Padang Pariaman," said Secretary of BPBD Padang Pariaman Regency Yasrum Ajis at Parit Malintang, on Tuesday.

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