Minangkabau International Airport is equipped with a body temperature detector to anticipate monkeypox

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Officers observe monitors of body temperature detectors at Minangkabau International Airport in Padang Pariaman on Wednesday, May 15 (Antara Sumbar / Fandi Yogari)

Padang (ANTARA) - The Port Health Office in the working area of Padang Minangkabau International Airport installed a body temperature detector in the passenger arrival room, as an effort to identify passengers whose body temperature was above normal.

"If there are passengers passing with a body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius, the device will ring and we will conduct an infra red inspection to ensure," said Coordinator of the Minangkabau Airport Region Health Office Class II Padang, Nurhusnida in Padang Pariaman, on Wednesday.

According to her if the passenger is proven to be above normal the temperature, will be taken to the clinic for further examination by the medical team.

"If indeed it is necessary to be referred and if there is an indication that monkeypox will be reported immediately to the center in Jakarta," she said.

She said that the heat detector could detect early monkeypox as well as identify meningitis for Umrah pilgrims who had just returned from the Holy Land.

Nurhusnida said that currently regular flights from abroad are from Malaysia with three flights per day.

She admitted that so far there had not been detected passengers with temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius but with the case of monkeypox her side was alert at the airport.

While the doctor working area of the Minangkabau Airport in the Port Health Office Class II Padang, Desrida said that one of the early symptoms of monkeypox was an increase in body temperature or fever.

"One of the functions of a body temperature detector is to identify passengers whose body temperature is above normal," she said.

She said if there were findings we would further observe and it was decided whether to be referred further.

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