Aidah Iffatin Nu'mah, 11-year-old child from Solok Selatan memorized Al Qur'an 30 Juz

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c, 11-year-old child from Solok Selatan memorized Al Qur'an 30 Juz (Antara Sumbar / Erik IA)

Padang Aro (ANTARA) - Aidah Iffatin Nu'mah (11 years old) from South Solok Regency, W Sumatra had memorized Al Quran 30 juz so she got a scholarship to study in Turkey.

Aidah Iffatin Nu'mah's biological father, Zulkarnainidi Padang Aro, said on Tuesday that his eldest daughter got a scholarship and would study at Ma'had Sulaimaniyah under the Foundation of the United Islamic Cultural Center of Indonesia (UICCI) for two years.

"Before going to Turkey Aidah had to fluent to memorize Al Qur'an in Medan, N Sumatra in July 2019 and now she is preparing to undergo the Mutqin method to make her reading easier," he said

He said, if the language and memorization of 30 juz Al Quran was not good, she could not yet depart to Turkey.

As long as in Turkey he said, all the costs of Aidah's education would be borne by the foundation, but for expenses during stabilization in Medan it would be a personal responsibility.

He explained that Aidah's interest in Al Qur'an had been visible since she was a child and began to be guided in learning at the age of seven.

While Aidah's biological mother, Nurmasyitoh, admitted that I still remember how she first taught Aidah to read Al Qur'an.

At that time, she said, Aidah was still in grade 2 of elementary school and was still stammering spelling verse by verse while reciting.

She revealed, Aidah memorized starting from the easiest verse memorized and not sequentially.

"The verse that was first memorized is the 30th juice. After being eloquent then switching to juz-1 and the last verse being memorized so that it becomes 30 juices is the 25th juz, "she said.

Aidah also appeared on the Indonesian Hafiz League stage in mid-2016 and made it into the top five in the small hafiz competition which was aired by a private television.

At that time Aidah had memorized nine juz Al Quran and was known to have beautiful tartil readings.

In addition from Aida, there is also Nasifa Sita Utama from Pinangawan, her santri student at Tahfidz Al-Ikhlas House who also participated in a similar scholarship program.

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