Ria Ricis tells her success tips becoming a youtuber

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An Indonesian Youtuber, Ria Ricis greet her fans at Minang United Festival held by Indonesian Harmony in Padang, on Saturday (3/23) (Antara Sumbar/Famella)

Padang, (ANTARA) - Indonesian female Youtuber Ria Ricis shared her experience and the secret of success in managing her canal at the Minang United Festival held by Indonesian Harmony in Padang, W.Sumatra on Saturday (3/23).

The presence of female youtuber that has more than 11 milllion follower was greeted by lively cheers from fans who were mostly teenagers who had been waiting for her arrival.

Ricis who was guided by three mc said the the reason why she chose to be active on YouTube, how to become a good youtuber, and what was the most memorable moment while being a youtuber.

"If you want to have a career on youtube, then you must have these case, first intention, then creating a good content and the most important is characterization. Because it's useless if the content is good but has no character," she stated.

Nowadays, Ricis also has a new channel, Rumah Ricis, which is in the content of visiting fan homes in Indonesia. The Rumah Ricis Channel was just released on Friday (3/22) and was approved by the Ricis team. On the other hand, she confirm the news that told about her greedy because she is famous.

"I created this new channel with no bad intentions behind it. I actually did this as a manifestation of the demand of fans and people who asked me for working. I hope the new channel will help people to have a job,” she said.

Not only sharing about how to become a successful youtuber, Youtuber that usually makes content about squishy also held a question and answer session with fans in Padang.

A chosen fan of Ria Ricis, Sisco (23) asked how to become a successful person like Ria Ricis. On that occasion, Ricis advised the fans and visitors of the Minang United Festival tells how to become a successful person like her, to keep on trying, not to complain, and did not spread the hoax news on social media. Minang United Festival was held to foster a spirit of unity in Minang at Cimpago Lake on Saturday (3/22). Beside Ria Ricis, there were a lot of guest star such as Afgan, and Pee Wee Ganskins. (*)

Written by : Internship Student of ANTARA SUMBAR 2019 from English Department State Polytechnic of Padang
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