Cave Becomes Main Attraction to be Visited in Ngalau Indah

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Ngalau Indah. (Antara)

Payakumbuh, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Getting such experience of entry into the cave actually attract tourists to come to Ngalau Indah, Payakumbuh, West Sumatra including during long holiday of Eid.

"I came to Ngalau Indah Payakumbuh to see the cave that became its flagship," one resident from Padang Rizki (26) stated in here on Sunday (June 17).

Besides, he also came to enjoy the natural scenery presented at Ngalau Indah.

Ngalau Indah is one of the mainstay tourist destinations of Payakumbuh visited by tourists during the big holidays and regular holiday.

Another visitor Herman (37), visitor from Jakarta who came with the family also feel the same.

In general, the cave is located about 200 meters from the entrance of Ngalau Indah tourist destination.

From the entrance to the cave, visitors can bring four-wheeled vehicles, because the road at that location has been paved.

Inside the cave, there are levels and paths that can be followed by visitors without having to worry about getting lost.

In addition, in the cave has also been installed lighting facilities, and colored lights that follow to beautify inside of the cave.

According to Head of Destination Department of Tourism Youth and Sports of Payakumbuh Zetriwardi, Ngalau Indah tourism has been there since 1982.

The local government continues to fix the existing public facilities for the convenience of visitors such as bathrooms, places of worship and others. (cha)

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Editor: Vicha Faradika