Do not Raise Passengers of Tourism Boats Beyond Capacity: Jasa Raharja

id Bambang panular

Bambang Panular (center). (Antara Sumbar/Muhammad Zulfikar)

Pariaman, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Head of Jasa Raharja Branch of West Sumatra, Bambang Panular reminded the businessmen of tourist boats in Pariaman Municipality in order to do not raise passengers beyond the capacity despite the increase in service users during Eid holiday.

"We have coordinated with local government including the transportation boat to Angso Duo Island, one of them is about maximum number of passengers," he said in here on Monday.

He said there are 30 units of tourist boats based on data collection with the local government, but seven ships do not have complete permission.

"The seven vessels did not have a full permit yet during the last data collection, but they are expected to take care of it as soon as possible before operating," he explained.

To support the safety of tourists who will visit the island in the area, Jasa Raharja claimed to have provided assistance in the form of a security jacket for visitors.

It believes one of the causes of tourist ship accidents is due to excess passengers. Therefore, local government is asked to pay more attention to the issue to avoid the worst possibility like an accident.

Meanwhile, Regional Secretary of Pariaman Municipality, Indra Sakti said local government has issued an appeal to the ship entrepreneurs to do not raise passengers beyond capacity.

He stated that the tourist boat entrepreneurs who raise passengers beyond capacity will be provided strict sanctions by local government.

Then the ship entrepreneurs are also required to provide equipment such as buoys to ensure the safety of passengers.

In addition, tourists who will board a tourist boat are encouraged to use the ship officially registered and have complete permission.

"Passengers traveling boats should not board a ship that does not have an official ticket, because if there is a marine accident so that it can not be borne by the local government," he added. (cha)

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