Agam Prepares 12 Alternative Roads To Anticipate Jamming

id jalur alternatif

The map of alternative roads. (Antara)

Lubukbasung, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Agam District, West Sumatra provides 12 alternative roads to unravel a long enough vehicle congestion to Bukittinggi Municipality when going and returning home during Eid al-Fitr 1439 Hijriah.

Head of Agam Transportation Agency, Yosefriawan in here on Saturday said those 12 roads are alternative path of Bukittinggi to Padang through Malalak, Maninjau to Padang Panjang through Sungai Tanang and Sungai Landai, Padang to Maninjau through Sungaipia, Lasi and Canduang.

Then, Padang to Payakumbuh through Canduang, Lasi, Sungaipua and Payakumbuh to Padang through Canduang, Padi Sungaipua. Besides, there is one alternative path from Payakumbuh to Batusangkar through Sungai Sariak Koto Tinggi Baso and two alternative paths from Payakumbuh to Batusangkar through Sungai Sariak Koto Tinggi Baso.

Besides, Medan to Payakumbuh and Pakanbaru through Gadut, Kamang, Tanjung Alam, Biaro and Canduang, Maninjau to Bukittinggi through Fanta, Bukittinggi to Pasaman through Matur, Palembayan and Padang Koto Gadang. Then, Pasaman to Bukittinggi through Padang Koto Gadang and Matur and Matur to Bukittinggi through Sitingkai Palupuh.

"We provide guidance signs for riders so that they will not have difficulty i going through alternative roads provided," he said.

In addition to provide traffic signs, all vehicles parked along Padang Lua Market will be disciplined, as this is one of the causes of congestion.

"We also set up security posts in Padang Luar Market," he noted.

He added that the alternative road is provided every year in breaking traffic congestion to Bukittinggi.

This is given that the national road is a liaison between West Sumatra, Riau and Medan.

In addition, Bukittinggi is also a community destination to enjoy Eid holiday. (cha)

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Editor: Vicha Faradika