Baznas Gives Scholarships To 2,674 School Students

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Illustration. (Antara Sumbar / Didi Someldi Putra/)

Painan, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) of South Pesisir District, West Sumatera Province, on Thursday distributed scholarships to 2,674 local students, 1,774 of them elementary school students and 900 junior high school students.

The head of the local Baznas, Yuspardi, after the scholarship grant in Painan, said elementary school students received Rp500,000 each and junior high school students Rp600,000 each.

"The total budget for this activity was Rp 1.42 billion, hopefully it can be used by the students to pay their school fees," he said. Baznas had tied up with BRI?s Painan branch to facilitate the allocation of the assistance.

The 2,674 students were from underprivileged families and had not been registered under government programmes, such as Poor Student Assistance (BSM) and Smart Indonesia Card (KIP).

Baznas also handed over assistance to the students` parents to renovate their homes. "This money was the zakat collected from the teachers in the Office of Education," he explained.

Assistance for students in college would be given later. "Towards the end of the year we will submit more scholarships. We are still selecting the scholarship recipients,"said Yuspardi.

The scholarships were distributed by the local regent, Hendrajoni, the head of the local Family Welfare Development (PKK) mobiliser team and other officials. (*)

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Editor: Vicha Faradika