Padang Pariaman Has 12 Independent Villages of Seeds

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Illustration. Rice seeds. (Antara)

Parit Malintang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Padang Pariaman District, West Sumatra has 12 independent villages of seeds and breeding of rice seeds to maintain the availability of rice-producing plants seeds in the area.

"Padang Pariaman becomes the largest area that has independent village of seed and seed breeding in West Sumatra with those amount," Head of Agriculture and Food Security Agency of Padang Pariaman District, Yurisman Jacob stated in here, Tuesday.

He mentioned the location of seed villages speaded in a number of sub-districts such as 2x11 Enam Lingkung, Enam Lingkung, Lubuk Alung, and Batang Anai.

The types of seeds that are produced include batang piaman, kuriak kusuik, padi putiah and Bp42.

The independent village of seed and seed breeding can produce about 160 tons to 200 tons of seeds per year.

"The amount of seed production is still far from the need," he said.

The need of rice seed in that area per year reached 1,000 tons to 1,200 tons so to fulfill it the farmers have to breed their own seeds.

Farmers can buy government-subsidized seeds or buy it at official farmers' kiosks whose seeds come from seed supplying companies, he said.

It is currently trying to increase the number of seed production so that the area becomes an independent seed district.

In addition, he mentioned that rice production in the area in 2016 was about 287 thousand tons, while in 2017 it reached 321 thousand tons or up around 34 thousand tons.

Actually 321 thousand tons rice production can produce 174.4 thousand tons of rice with 46.4 tons for local consumption and 128 thousand tons for export to other regions.

Meanwhile, the area of rice planting in the area in 2017 reached 62,338 hectares while the harvested area reached 61,135 hectares. (cha)

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