Literary To Contribute in Popularizing Tourist Attractions: South Pesisir Community

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The meeting and literature talks in IV Jurai Sub-district, Monday. (Antara Sumbar / Didi Someldi Putra/)

Painan, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Coomunity of Sastra Bumi Mandeh which based in South Pesisir District, West Sumatra, wants the literacy or writing ability owned by community to contribute in popularizing the tourist attraction in local area.

"Nowadays, the dissemination of information about tourism objects does not only do through banners, advertisements in the mass media or otherwise, but the literacy of community is also quite effective," Chairman of Sastra Bumi Mandeh Community, Sultan Indra stated while being interrupted the meeting and literature talks in IV Jurai Sub-district, Monday.

For that, he said that the ability to write each community needs to be improved. Then, the activities of literature meetings and talks held is one effort to make it happen.

Actually the beauty of a tourism object will not be known widely if there is no writing about it, he remarked.

It is including the situation in almost every nagari (traditional village) in South Pesisir where there is such exotic whether because of the mountains, waterfalls, culture and others.

In fact, he noted, literacy also makes people more confident and able to express things that happened directly without the pressure.

Literature gathering activities and talks in IV Jurai Sub-district is supported by Dapur Sastra Jakarta Community, Department of Education and Culture of South Pesisir and the Office of local Archives and Library. (cha)

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Editor: Vicha Faradika