W Sumatra Encourages Tabuik Cultural Festival To Include in Wonderful Indonesia

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Tabuik. (Antara/Iggoy el Fitra)

Pariaman, (Antaranews Sumbar) - West Sumatra Provincial Government seeks and encourages Pariaman Municipality to be more optimal in developing Tabuik Cultural Festival which is held every year so that it can enter in the calendar of 100 Wonderful Indonesia Events.

"Currently the new Ministry of Tourism establishes three areas in West Sumatra that come into the category of 100 Wonderful Indonesia Events but unfortunately Pariaman has not been recorded," Head of Tourism Office of West Sumatra Oni Yulfian stated in Pariaman, Saturday, during the opening of Gandoriah Festival 2018.

The three regions in the province which are included in the category of 100 Wonderful Indonesia Eventsnamely Sawahlunto International Music Festival (SIMFes), Pagaruyuang Festival and Tour de Singkarak (TdS).

He explained 100 Wonderful Indonesia Eventsis a central government program in recruiting and setting 100 tourism agenda which are considered the best of all tourism activities in the archipelago to be promoted in large.

"There are a lot of tourism agendas in the archipelago, but the Ministry of Tourism has several indicators in assessing the timeliness of implementation, the use of curators, the number of visits and the involvement of all aspects of society," he explained.

Especially in West Sumatra, he said, there are currently more than 100 tourism agenda so local government must be careful and meticulous in submitting it to the ministry level.

He considered Tabuik Cultural Festival which is routinely held every year by Pariaman Government is quite likely to enter the category.

However, he said, local government through relevant agencies should try more leverage in packing these activities so that it can enter the category of 100 Wonderful Events Indonesia.

"If Tabuik Culture Festival falls into that category, then the promotion cost of Rp1 billion will be assisted by central government," he said.

Nevertheless he said, currently Gandoriah Festival and Tabuik Cultural Festival in Pariaman have entered into the tourism calendar of West Sumatra. (cha)

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