South Pesisir Controls Inflation To Create Tourist Convenience

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Illustration - Inflation. (Antara)

Painan, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of South Pesisir District, West Sumatra seeks to control inflation so that prices do not increase continuously for the convenience of tourists coming to the area.

"If prices rise, especially nine basic commodities or food, of course the price of food will skyrocket," Local Government Secretary, Erizon stated.

He said that uncontrolled inflation of basic foods in general will also affect other price rises to increase crime.

Anticipating that, it has instructed Head of Department of Cooperatives, SMEs, Trade and Industry, Head of Food Service to jointly set up a team to monitor the price of groceries in the markets.

"If the price is likely to skyrocket ahead of the holy month of Ramadan 1439 Hijriah, then immediately it carries out market operations to stabilize prices," he explained.

In fact, if the implementation of market operations can not be implemented with the district budget, then it immediately applies budget to the province.

According to him, local tourism object is no longer a local tourist destination event only, but it has been national and international. Moreover, some activities continue to be implemented to further popularize it.

Langkisau Festival is a routine event held annually. It is an event that is believed to be one magnet to attract tourists from various corners of the world.

In addition, various sport tourism activities also be done. It aimed at promoting attractions such as paragliding and beach volleyball which are also continuously implemented each year. (cha)

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Editor: Vicha Faradika