Tanah Datar Offers 30 Tourism Objects to be Visited in Pariangan

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Pariangan. (Antara Sumbar/Syahrul R./)

Batusangkar, (Antaranews Sumbar) - A total of approximately 30 tourism objects spread over in the area of Pariangan Tourism Village, Tanah Datar District, West Sumatra, Wali (head) of Nagari (traditional village) Pariangan, April Khatib Saidi stated.

The tourist attractions consist of historical, cultural and nature tourism.

"As an area known as the oldest nagari in Minangkabau, Pariangan does not only has a historical and cultural tourist destinations but also nature tourism," he said.

He explained some historical and cultural tourism destinations that can be visited include Minangkabau Tuo Mosque or Ishlah Mosque, Long Grave of Datuak Tantejo Gurhano who is known as the architect of the gadang house and Hall of Saruang (Balai Saruang) which is the greatness place of Datuak Bandaharo Kayo.

In addition, there is also Basurek Stone in the form of inscriptions that have the Palawa Letters and Languages of Sangskerta, Birthplace of Sheikh Burhanuddin, Tigo Luhak Stone and ancient manuscripts.

For nature tourism which scattered in this area is the object of hot water bath, Panorama Puncak Mortir, Tanjung Indah and Taruko Indah Waterfall.

Related to tourism events in Pariangan, it also frequently implemented Pacu Jawi and culinary tours so that visitors can also enjoy the typical of Minangkabau food.

"Currently we are also developing agro-tourism, some of the fruits that have been planted include oranges, strawberries and guava," he pointed out. (cha)

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