Tanah Datar To Prepare Batik Gallery in Pariangan

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Pariangan batik. (Antara Sumbar/Syahrul R) (Antara Sumbar/Syahrul R/)

Batusangkar, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of Tanah Datar District, West Sumatra Province will prepare batik gallery in Pariangan Tourism Village area to support the production and sales of batik in the area.

Head of the Office of Tourism Youth and Sports of Tanah Datar, Edi Susanto in Batusangkar, Wednesday, said it has coordinated with tourism activists and local nagari (traditional village) government.

"We have coordinated with Nagari Tuo Pariangan Community and nagari government for the establishment of batik galleries in the area," he said.

He mentioned, the gallery plan will utilize the existing of gadang house (Minangkabau traditional house), where later all activities will be done there.

According to him, production activities ranging from chandeling to coloring which will be centered in the gallery, so visitors can directly see the production process.

"Aside from being a production house, the gallery will eventually become a promotional home for selling batik products," he remarked.

For the procurement of the gallery, it has been proposed to President Joko Widodo on his visit to Pariangan some time ago, in addition it also seeks funds social responsibility of SOEs.

"Pariangan is famous as a cultural tourist destination and one of the tourism industry that leads to the creative economy namely batik of Pariangan," he said.

Earlier, Wali (head) of Nagari Pariangan, April Khatib Saidi said Pariangan batik production which is developed in Nagari Pariangan, Tanah Datar constrained human resources issues as well as supporting facilities such as production houses and other equipment.

Currently the production house is still inadequate and the equipment used is still very traditional.

Besides, the industry is also still constrained by the business of capital, such as to buy materials and other equipment to support production, he added. (cha)

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