Infrastructure Development Acceleration Requires Private Role: Governor

id irwan prayitno

Irwan Prayitno. (cc)

Padang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno said the acceleration of infrastructure development in the region requires a private role due to limited regional budget (APBD) and national budget (APBN).

"APBD and APBN can only fund about 41.3 percent of the budget requirement for infrastructure so that it needs investors to boost its acceleration," he said in Padang on Monday.

According to him, the development by using APBD and APBN has been completed by the Regional Government Budget Team (TAPD) through Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang).

Meanwhile, to encourage the private sector, the intense efforts are needed because it is difficult to expect investors to come alone to offer capital.

One of the efforts is coming to investors and offering the regional potential.

"This is what we do, meet the nomads and potential stakeholders to invest in West Sumatera, including overseas trips," he added.

As planned, West Sumatra provincial entourage will return abroad on April 26, 2018. In here, Japan will be the destination country.

The West Sumatra Provincial Government team will utilize the Indonesian Week held in Sakura country, he added. (cha)

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Editor: Vicha Faradika