Minangkabau Express To Be Inaugurated on April 21

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Minangkabau Express To Be Inaugurated on April 21

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Padang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Minangkabau express train which is serving Minangkabau International Airport (BIM) - Simpang Haru Station, Padang is planned to be inaugurated on April 21, 2018, Head of West Sumatra Transportation Agency, Amran remarked.

"But the schedule is still uncertain because of its authority in the Ministry of Transportation," he said in Padang on Thursday.

According to him, the sooner operational starts will benefit the community especially for those who need alternative transportation to the airport.

The railway has the advantage of other transportation because it is relatively more timely. It is not affected by road congestion, therefore its existence is needed.

Public Relations of PT KAI of West Sumatra, Zainir said that the airport train has been located at Simpang Haru Station and it has undergone several trials.

Technically, the train can be used to transport passengers from Simpang Haru Station to BIM.

But administratively, there are still some things to be done with Ministry of Transportation, such as the handover of the unit, operating system and the established tariff.

"The operational plan of the train is 10 trips every day which consist of five times from Simpang Haru to BIM and five times from BIM to Simpang Haru," he pointed out.

In addition to administrative matters, the crossing of a plot also remains an issue in the operation of train.

There are hundreds of crossings of a plot in Padang and Padangpariaman towns that are potentially harmful to trains and communities.

Futhermore, the inauguration of the airport train is planned to be attended by President Joko Widodo, he added. (cha)

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