Minangkabau Express Railway Cheap Tariff as Public Promotion: Official

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Minangkabau Express Railway Cheap Tariff as Public Promotion: Official

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Padang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Head of Transportation Agency of West Sumatra, Amran said Minangkabau Express Railway fares are set cheaper than other modes of transport as a promotion to the public.

"It is a new mode of transportation. In order to attract the people, the tariff is poured at the beginning," he said in Padang, Tuesday.

The tariff determination reflects the determination of the airport train tariff in Jakarta. Originally it set Rp100 thousand, but apparently passengers are not enthusiastic.

Finally the tariff was revised to Rp70 thousand until the number of passengers began to increase.

Meanwhile, the airport railway tariff in West Sumatra is deliberately set cheaper than other modes of transportation, but it does not hold forever and there is a possibility of revision after public confidence to use it increases.

Revisions can occur within the next three six months according to the situation.

Initially the airport railway rates are estimated to be above Damri and Tranex bus fare that serves the Padang-Minangkabau Traditional Airport (BIM) route of Rp23,500 per person.

He noted that the railway tariff will range from Rp25 thousand to Rp40 thousand. However, when the determination of airport rail rates, it is only Rp20 thousand.

Then if it is departing from Station of Tabing to BIM, the tariff is Rp15 thousand and tariff from Duku Stasion-BIM is Rp10 thousand.

Minangkabau Express Airport train has undergone a track test before operating officially in April or May 2018.

The four-seater train can accommodate up to 590 passengers which is consisting of 393 seats and 197 places for standing passengers. (cha)

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