Agam To Build Thousand Stairs To Increase Tourism Visits Number

id seribu janjang

Illustration. (Antara)

Lubukbasung, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Agam District, West Sumatra will build a Thousand Stairs (Seribu Janjang) tourist attraction to increase the number of tourism visits to the area in 2018.

Head of Department of Tourism, Youth and Sports of Agam, Jetson in Lubukbasung, on Tuesday, explained to build a Thousand Stairs tourism object, it allocates Rp6 billion which consist of Rp3.9 billion from Regional Budget (APBD) and Rp2.1 billion from West Sumatra Provincial Budget.

He said the current development of the tourist attraction is in the process of tender in Electronic Procurement Service (LPSE).

In addition to it, Agam District Government allocated Rp2.4 billion to continue the construction of Linggai attraction in Maninjau Lake area where it has been allocated Rp2.5 billion last year.

He added the development is done to add a new tourist attraction to be a choice of visits in the area because in that location, there is a very nice scenery which has a cool air.

With this potential, it is believed to attract more visits to the area, he added.

In general, he said, Agam District is targeting 546 thousand archipelago tourists visit and 200 thousand foreign tourists in 2018.

According to him, the number of tourist visits to the area every year has increased. In 2017 the number of tourists visit of archipelago tourists reached 633,353 people and foreign tourists 19,755 people.

While in 2016 as many as 487,213 archipelago tourists and 32,019 foreign tourists. For the year of 2015, there is 455,087 archipelago tourists and 30,923 foreign tourists. (cha)

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