Bukittinggi Highlights Cultural Function Show in TMSBK

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TMSBK Bukittinggi. (ANTARA SUMBAR/ Ira Febrianti)

Bukittinggi, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of Bukittinggi City, West Sumatra began to perform cultural functions at the attractions of the Kinantan Cultural and Wildlife Park (TMSBK) to attract visitors.

"During this time, activities related to culture are very minimal in TMSBK, whereas there is animal genus, but culture does not exist," Head of TMSBK Tourism Office of Bukittinggi Youth and Sports Ikbal stated in Bukittinggi on Friday.

Cultural functions that are displayed are Minangkabau art and culture such as Salawat Dulang, Gadumbak, Makan Bajamba, and others held in Rumah Adat Baanjuang located inside TMSBK area.

According to many young people today who do not know the art of culture so it needs to be revived.

"There are many moral messages in the cultural arts performances, starting from March 2018 we try to present them by involving Minangkabau cultural artists," he said.

The art and cultural performances, he said, are packaged in tourist packages offered by hotels, travel agents or tour guides for their guests.

"Therefore, the cultural art performance will work together with the Association of Hotels and Restaurants (PHRI), the Association of Indonesian Travel Companies (Asita) and the Indonesian Guide Association (HPI) in Bukittinggi," he explained.

He considered, cultural arts have high selling value for the tourists when visiting an area so that the cultural function in TMSBK is expected to increase the original revenue from the retribution of tourist attractions.

During January 2018, TMSBK has generated a regional income of Rp1.24 billion from the entrance fee to the tourist attraction, he added. (cha)

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