Solok, Japan PDAM Develop Clean Drinking Water

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Illustration. (Antara)

Solok, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of Solok Municipality, West Sumatra, in cooperation with PDAM of Toyohashi City, Japan, succeeded in treating clean drinking water to be distributed to local community. Toyohashi PDAM Technician, Asakawa San in Solok on Tuesday said the clean water supply can produce water that is suitable for everyday use by the community

. "All know the problem is about the limitations of clean drinking water," he said.

He said everyone is trying to work together in order to make use of non-drinkable water to be worth drinking.

"I think Solok can take advantage of science that we have transfer in order to develop it to all areas in here," he stated.

Besides, Chairman of Water Supply Company (PAM) of West Sumatra, Herry Iswahyudi hopes that the water treatment science learned Solok to be transferred to 15 districts and cities in the province from the management with turbidity of water in the level of 1,000 to be drinkable as today.

He mentioned that there are 15 PDAMs in West Sumatra that need guidance from mechanical, and water management from unfit drink to become drinkable. "Hopefully the program will be sustainable and can be evenly distributed in West Sumatra to answer the problem of water shortage in every region," he added. (cha) Translator: Vicha Faradika

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