Padang, Pekanbaru Toll To Support W Sumatra Tourism: Vice Governor

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The area of Padang-Pekanbaru toll road. (Antara)

Parit Malintang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Vice Governor of West Sumatra, Nasrul Abit said that the development of Padang-Pekanbaru Toll can support tourism because it makes tourists are easier to visit a number of tourist attractions in the province.

"During this time, our tourism is disrupted by transportation, for example Padang-Bukittinggi road which is often jammed," he said after attending the Special Plenary Session of Padang Pariaman 185th Birthday Celebration in Parit Malintang, Thursday.

Moreover, he added West Sumatra is set as a halal destination of the world so as to increase the number of tourist visits to the province, but the available road infrastructure is inadequate.

According to him, the Padang-Pekanbaru toll can be a solution to suppress the occurrence of congestion in the area so that tourists are comfortable when heading to a number of tourist attractions.

Therefore, he asked the support from all parties in the development of Padang-Pekanbaru Toll Road because it can have an impact on improving the economy of people in the area.

"Although the old toll road of Padang-Bukittinggi failed, but we have no successor," he said.

He explained the failure of the old tragedy because of overlapping budget and feared, it would have an impact on law violations.

Related to halal tourism, he revealed it is reviewing all restaurants in all districts and cities in the province to ensure halal cuisine in terms of materials and the way to cook or serve.

"Indeed, West Sumatra is known as Minangkabau which is identical with Islam but we also pay attention to the health of the food so that it will not only halal but also healthy," he said. (cha)

Translator: Vicha Faradika
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