Pasaman Receives Rp73.1 Billion of Village Funds Since 2015

id Pasaman Receives Rp73.1 Billion of Village Funds Since 2015

Village Funds. (Antara)

Lubuk Sikaping, (Antara Sumbar) - The Community Empowerment Agency (DPM) of Pasaman District, West Sumatra, notes that village funds received from 2015 to 2017 have reached Rp73.1 billion, mostly allocated for physical development.

"Of that amount, the village funds used for physical construction amounted to Rp59.99 billion, and empowerment field Rp16.139 billion," DPM Head of Pasaman District, M Ikhan stated in Lubuk Sikaping, Thursday.

He explained from year to year the amount of village funds received by the region continues to increase so that it impacts on infrastructure development facilities.

The fund of the village can also open underdeveloped areas that have not been touched by Pasaman budget.

He said it has built a number of infrastructure and strategic facilities by using village funds, 41.37 km of roads, 37 concrete and steel bridges, 11 market stalls.

Furthermore, the construction of 115.95 km of concrete railway road, the construction of public toilets as many as 14 units and the construction of 17 units of youth hall, village hall and the construction of two sports facilities.

"We also built 8.21 kilometer irrigation channel, 1.14 kilometers of river basin construction, seven kilometers of drainage construction, 10 kilometers of clean water facilities development, eight suspension bridges, 7.93 km of retaining wall, road hardening with sand and stones along 38.94 kilometers and 31 units of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) building," he explained.

While development in the field of community empowerment are 311 packages of activities include catfish curing training, cattle fattening training, sewing training and wicker rattan training.

"In addition, we also allocate village funds for incentives for PAUD teachers as many as 699 people," he said.

In addition to the village funds, Pasaman also allocates some funds from APBD to accelerate the development of nagari through financial assistance and other technical assistance.

"In 2015, Pasaman will allocate nagari funds for 37 villages reaching Rp12.79 billion, in 2016 up to Rp22.62 billion and this year reach Rp61.27 billion," he added. (cha)

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