Bukittinggi To Hold National Run Race

id Bukittinggi To Hold National Run Race

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Bukittinggi, (Antara Sumbar) - Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) of Bukittinggi Municipality, West Sumatra will hold a national scale race namely "Bukittinggi Wisata 10K".

Field Achievement of Bukittinggi KONI, Ridwan in Bukittinggi, Monday, said the race will be held on December 17, 2017 with a starting location on Sudirman Street, Wirabraja Field.

The 10K race is targeted as a place to find young potential runners from the area to be trained through the All Indonesian Athletic Association (PASI) of Bukittinggi.

The event is also intended to enliven the 233th anniversary of Bukittinggi Municipality (HJK) on December 22, 2017.

Currently, a number of regions have registered to participate in the event, among them are come from West Nusa Tenggara, East Java, West Java, North Sumatra, South Sumatra and others.

"National athletes ie Triyaningsih and Yulianingsih will also go down in the race," he said.

Three categories are contested in the event: Elite Nasional Putera and Puteri, General National Putera and Puteri and Bukittinggi students and children competing for a total prize of Rp269 million.

"To enliven the race, we have done the publication by putting up banners of competition information and sending invitations directly to those who are expected to participate," he added.

From Sudirman Street, the race takes the route to Jam Gadang, Tembok Intersection, Mandiangin Intersection, Horse Race of Bukik Ambacang, Jirek Intersection, Panorama, DPRD Office, and at the same place in Sudirman Street.

"Originally the race was planned on an international scale like the previous one, but it requires considerable preparation and recommendations from PB-PASI and the participating countries so that it is decided to be implemented nationally," he explained.

Bukittinggi 10K registration is still open until December 15, 2017 through Bukittinggi KONI Secretariat. (cha)

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