W Pasaman Health Office Oversees 48 Residents Threatened by Diphtheria

id W Pasaman Health Office Oversees 48 Residents Threatened by Diphtheria

Illustration. Diphtheria Immunization. (Antara)

Simpang Empat, (Antara Sumbar) - Health Office of West Pasaman District, West Sumatra oversees 48 residents and officers who are in direct contact with people with diphtheria and died some time ago.

"We are worried about citizens and officers who are in direct contact with patients contracting diphtheria," Head of West Pasaman Health Office Haryunidra stated in Simpang Empat on Sunday.

He said West Pasaman is one of the extraordinary events (KLB) of diphtheria disease due to the death of one child, Rafa in Jorong Ranah Salido Ujung Gading Lembah Melintang Sub-district on September 14.

His side is undertaking special attention to 48 residents and medical officers who contact the patient when declared positive diphtheria.

According to him, West Pasaman Health Office claimed to have conducted surveillance on all people who contact with diphtheria sufferer.

Even until now it has given two immunization injections to prevent transmission of the deadly virus.

"In the next few months it will give the third injection according to the phase of prevention and treatment of diphtheria," he said.

He instructed the government medical service and village midwives to look for toddlers who were allegedly affected or did not complete their immunizations and re-immunize them.

He asked the public to be alert and watch the condition of toddlers if it found peculiarities or diphtheria characteristics.

He expected whoever found irregularities immediately reported and checked into the nearest health center.

In addition, the community is asked to complete the umunization to all toddlers so that it can avoid diphtheria disease.

He explained among the characteristics of diphtheria disease the formation of a thin layer of gray that covers the throat and tonsils, fever, chills, sore throat and hoarseness, difficulty breathing or rapid breathing.

In addition, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, weak and tired, colds. Initially liquid, but gradually become thick and sometimes mixed with blood. (cha)

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