50 Tons of Fish in Maninjau Lake Suddenly Died

id 50 Tons of Fish in Maninjau Lake Suddenly Died

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Lubukbasung, (Antara Sumbar) - The Department of Fisheries and Food Security of Agam District, West Sumatra recorded about 50 tons of fish belonging to the cultivators of floating net cages (KJA) in Maninjau Lake, died suddenly due to high winds accompanied by high rainfall that hit the region since Sunday (Nov 26).

"To 50 tons of dead fish in various sizes ranging from three to seven centimeters," Head of Department of Fisheries and Food Security of Agam, Ermanto stated in Lubukbasung on Sunday.

The dead fish comes from dozens of floating net cage units belonging to 15 fish farmers spread in Bayua, Linggai, Duo Kito, Tanjung Sani and Koto Melintang.

As a result of the incident, fish farmers suffered losses of about Rp1.5 billion because the price per kilogram is Rp30 thousand.

"Now the fish is already floating to the surface of lake with the circumstances that have rotted," he added.

According to him, the death of fish occurred since Monday (Nov 27), due to high winds and high rainfall hit the area since Sunday (Nov 26).

After that, the fish experience dizziness and a few hours the fish has floated the surface of lake.

"This is due to the reversal of water from the bottom of lake to the surface, so that the oxygen is reduced because at the bottom of lake there are piles of fish feed which left quite a lot," he explained.

With the death, it urges cultivators to harvest fish that are ready to harvest and move to the pool of calm water.

In addition, farmers need to reduce the feeding of fish, turns oxygen and other machines.

"This is to minimize the mortality of fish that can increase losses for farmers," he said.

Previously, it has appealed to farmers to do not do fish cultivation activities in the next few years in Maninjau Lake.

It is done in reducing lake pollution due to the residual feed, because the condition of volcanic lake in a state of heavy pollution.

One fish cultivator, Hendra (35) said the fish's death due to lack of oxygen, because before the death, there was strong winds accompanied by rainfall that hit the area.

One day after the incident, the fish began to dizzy and died suddenly including his fish.

"My fish died about two tons with the size of ready-to-harvest, so I do not lose, I have harvested the remaining fish," he added. (cha)

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