Noncash Transactions in Government To Prevent Corruption: Vice Governor

id Noncash Transactions in Government To Prevent Corruption: Vice Governor

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Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - West Sumatra Vice Governor Nasrul Abit says the use of noncash systems in government financial transactions further maximizes local revenues and prevents corrupt practices or embezzlement.

"The transaction with noncash will cause all the money entered is clearly recorded, while if cash then the officers could have admitted that entered so many values," Nasrul Abit stated in Padang, Thursday at the National Seminar Noncash Movement.

According to him, the application of noncash system will minimize corruption, because all parties involved can no longer mess with the budget.

"Previously, the treasurer of an institution could have turned the money, now with noncash everything is clear and recorded so that the potential for cheating is small," he said.

Not only that, he saw the use of non-cash systems are also more easily monitored because all recorded and much more efficient.

"If payment is done by using noncsah, it will also no longer need to count money," he said.

On the other hand, if anyone cheats will also be more easily tracked and non-cash transactions are one way to prevent the circulation of counterfeit money, he added.

Nasrul said that since October 2017, all government financial transactions in West Sumatra have been established using noncash system.

"Currently, about 90 percent of regency and municipal government agencies in West Sumatra in their financial transactions are also non-existent," he said. (cha)

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