293 W Sumatra Villages Have Not Disbursed Village Funds

id 293 W Sumatra Villages Have Not Disbursed Village Funds

village funds. (Antara)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - A total of 293 of 885 villages or nagari in West Sumatra have not disbursed the village funds phase II until mid of November 2017 due to the incomplete phase I report.

"Until now there are only 592 villages that have made the disbursement of village funds in phase II, while 293 villages are still in process," Head of Community and Village Community Empowerment (DPMD) Syaarri Syafrizal stated in Padang on Wednesday.

It was disclosed after attending the coordination meeting of West Sumatra Provincial Government with regencies or cities which are related to village funds in Padang.

According to him, the report of first phase of the village fund used is a mandatory requirement for the second phase of village funds to be disbursed.

He therefore encourages the villages that still have not completed the report to immediately implement it.

"In order for doing the report quickly, the district or city government must assign the Community Empowerment Office and the sub-district head to monitor and assist the acceleration of settlement," he said.

He said the remaining time is very short because it all parties related to village funds must support each other so that the realization can be in line with expectations.

Syafrizal targets the disbursement of village funds for phase II completion on December 1, 2017.

The remaining one month should be maximized in the use of funds to support the ongoing program.

He warned if the absorption of village budget funds is not optimal, it will affect the amount of village funds to be given next year.

The total budget of phase II that has not been disbursed according to West Sumatra DPMD data reached Rp101 billion.

West Sumatra received Rp765 billion of village funding in 2017 for 885 villages. (cha)

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