Bayur Bay To Be Provincial Tourism Gateway

id Bayur Bay To Be Provincial Tourism Gateway

Bayur Bay. (Antara)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Bayur Bay Port of Padang Municipality, West Sumatra, has potential as a tourism gateway for the province, especially for cruise ships, West Sumatra Tourism Office official Didit P Santoso said.

"The facilities at the harbor are good enough, just need revamping like a special dock for cruise ships," Head of Marketing Department of West Sumatra Tourism, Didit P Santoso stated in Padang, Monday.

He revealed when a cruise ship carrying foreign tourists docked in Bayur Bay, it is still leaning on the dock where there is loading and unloading of goods.

These activities, making foreign tourists feel uncomfortable, so it need to be fixed.

"We will coordinate with related parties such as Pelabuhan Indonesia," he said.

Didit explained, when tourists come to use the yacht there is convenience obtained, one of which is able to reach remote places such as the Mentawai Islands.

"If the land or air route, travelers have to connect the trip again by boat so it takes time," he said.

Therefore, Bayur Bay Harbor is potential to attract tourists to come to West Sumatra through the sea.

The provincial government, he said, has established a communication with a national-level travel agency that already has international access and has a yacht such as Tour and Travel Cruise Asia headquartered in Bali. (cha)

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