Realization of S Solok Regional Revenues Achieved 86.29 Percent

id Realization of S Solok Regional Revenues Achieved 86.29 Percent

Rupiah. (Antara)

Padang Aro, (Antara Sumbar) - Real Regional Revenues (PAD) of South Solok District, West Sumatra has reached Rp40.7 billion or 86.29 percent of this year's target of Rp46.7 billion.

"In view of this condition, we are certain that the PAD target can be achieved by the end of the year because there are several optimizations," Head of Revenue, Regional Finance Management Agency, Defrianti stated in Padang Aro, Tuesday.

He said the optimization is done for the excavation tax C by existing company.

"We also went straight to the field to increase PAD to reach 100 percent by the end of the year," he said.

He mentioned there are several tax sources whose realization is still low as the United Nations (UN), excavation C and entertainment tax.

For entertainment tax from the target Rp4.6 million, had been realized Rp675 thousand and excavation C of the target Rp1 billion, now achieve Rp299 million or 29.97 percent.

As for the UN, he said this year the target has increased significantly from Rp884 million in 2016 to Rp2.5 billion this year.

The realization of the UN is still low at Rp515 million or 20.63 percent, he pointed out.

"The increase in UN targets makes the realization quite low, and it is an obstacle for us," he said.

Specifically for Sangir and Sungai Pagu sub-districts, the Value of Tax Objects (NJOP) this year rose 10 percent from the previous.

He appealed to the public to pay the UN for being a duty as a good citizen.

"We hope people are tax-conscious for development and that is also a liability," he added. (cha)

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