MSMEs To Have Synergies One and Other To Face Digital Business Challenges

id MSMEs To Have Synergies One and Other To Face Digital Business Challenges

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Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) of West Sumatra invites micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in the province to improve their business capabilities by building synergies among their peers in the face of digital business challenges.

"We are now facing thing which is called an infinite era that happens is free trade so that MSME actors from other countries can also come here because it lets synergize to strengthen each other," Chairman of the West Sumatra Chamber of Commerce, Ramadan Saleh told in Padang, Tuesday.

He conveyed it at the Seminar of SMEs from the People to the People with the theme of Making SMEs Indonesia Strong To Win Global Competition held by Bank Rakyat Indonesia in cooperation with Bisnis Indonesia Daily.

He said that currently there are 600 million people who become the business market potential in the Southeast Asian region because the local area is a potential market to enter SMEs in the region.

"The way to penetrate it is synergy, no longer the perpetrators of MSMEs in their own way," he said.

He said the perpetrators of MSME who are not prepared to face the digital era will be overwhelmed by the times. Fellow businesspeople must provide solutions to keep business alive.

"Banks must also play a role by providing capital," he said.

He pointed out there are three problems faced by SMEs in West Sumatra, namely the difficulty of access to capital, difficult to market products, and weak human resources.

"Therefore, by synergizing the issue can be overcome and make it as a new economic resource challenge," he said.

Head of Cooperatives and SMEs of West Sumatra, Zirma Yusri said almost 98 percent of the province's economy is driven by MSMEs.

He said the strategy to strengthen SMEs in West Sumatra through increased competitiveness by improving product quality and more competitive prices.

In addition, improving access to financing and training marketing online.

He acknowledged one of the obstacles of marketing online is after trained SMEs sometimes they do not intensively develop it.

"Goods have been displayed but not seen, when there is a message even we do not know," he said. (cha)

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