W Sumatra To Have Tourism Icons: Vice Governor

id W Sumatra To Have Tourism Icons: Vice Governor

Nasrul Abit. (Antara)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Vice Governor of West Sumatra, Nasrul Abit pushed the area to have a tourist icon that is ready in concept and infrastructure so taht it is really able to attract tourists to come.

"Now, almost all of our cultural destinations and tourism, just in the way to that direction are not fully mature yet for sale to tourists," he said in Padang during the launch of the book "CREATourism" Supporting Sustainable Tourism Development written by the Director of Tourism Development Center Andalas Univercity Dr. Sari Lenggogeni, MM, Pg. Dipl. PhD, in Padang, Monday night.

According to him, the city of Padang has begun to approach that expectation. Supporting facilities and infrastructure are gradually inadequate, but they still need a lot of tourism agenda and activities, such as cultural performances, unique traditions that must be held to attract people to come.

Bukitinggi also so. Despite having an icon that is Jam Gadang but the activities of tourist attractions are still somewhat spelled out, has not become a tremendous attraction.

Great potential in the South Pesisir with the Area Mandeh, Tanah Datar, Singkarak Solok, Sawahlunto, Padang Pariaman, Pariaman, Payakumbuh and Limapuluh Kota and other areas have not been explored.

"The concept is that each district and city develops a single destination, but it does so with the support of budgets and community-based activities," he said.

West Sumatra province according to him, could help the budget for serious areas with a portion of 60:40 percent.

He emphasized that the development of tourism in West Sumatra is an effort to seize future opportunities, increase employment for younger generation, increase economic growth, raise the development because tourism development has a wide multi effect.

In addition to the promoting economy of community will also impact on improving the education sector, health, science research, environmental sustainability and so forth.

"Whatever the challenges in the development of tourism in West Sumatra, we must face and solve it well, we will not stop in promoting tourism development," he said.

He asks for the support of all parties so that it can be done.

Related to the launch of the book "CREATourism", he considered it is a great contribution to the development of West Sumatra tourism.

"The book can be a good reference, because in it, there are data and calculations on economic, cultural and other potentials that also impact the development of tourism in this area," he said.

He thanked Dr. Sari Lenggogeni and friends who has initiated the book, because it can open the eyes of stakeholders to see the ways and strategies how to advance West Sumatra tourism today and the following years.

Meanwhile, Director of Tourism Development Center Andalas University. Sari Lenggogeni, MM, Pg. Dipl. PhD hopes the thoughts and views conveyed through the book can contribute to the development of tourism in West Sumatra. (cha)

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