Botuang Festival To Develop Payakumbuh Cultural Tourism: Legislator

id Botuang Festival To Develop Payakumbuh Cultural Tourism: Legislator

Payokumbuah Botuang Festival 2017 (cc)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Member of Commission V of the West Sumatra Provincial House of Representatives (DPRD), Supardi said Payakumbuh Botuang Festival (PBF) 2017 can develop the potential of cultural tourism in Payakumbuh.

"Currently the development of cultural tourism can be done well by the existence of PBF and it is very potential," he said when confirmed in Padang, Wednesday.

He mentioned Botuang or Bamboo which became the theme of the activity related to the area that became the location of bamboo growing activities, even some areas use the name Bamboo or Botuang.

"Many areas have Botuang or bamboo related names, including Aur Kuning, Subarang Batuang, Balang Batuang, and Parak Batuang," he said.

Therefore according to the activities initiated by Payakumbuh artist, it is very suitable to be a cultural event that is packaged in the form of artistic, culinary, and more.

In addition, Botuang utilization in the activity can also be an attraction itself, plus the guests can also interact with the local community.

He considered PBF 2017 can be a routine activity that raises local wisdom, especially in Payakumbuh.

"The Provincial Government is also enthusiastic to support the event and realize that Botuang or Bamboo is a very potential regional assets to be developed," he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Payakumbuh Parliament YB Dt Parmato Alam hopes that PBF 2017 can affect the creative economy of society and tourism Payakumbuh.

In addition he also hopes that the activity continues and gradually continue to be developed and evaluated, so as to make Payakumbuh as a cultural tourism destination in West Sumatra.

PBF 2017 is a cultural activity packaged in art, kuliner, and installation exhibitions. The event will be held on November 26 to December 2. (*)

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