Pariaman Targets Tabuik Magazine To Win National Champion

id Pariaman Targets Tabuik Magazine To Win National Champion

Illustration. Hoyak Tabuik. (Antara)

Pariaman, (Antara Sumbar) - The City Government of Pariaman, West Sumatra targets Tabuik Magazine to win national champion at the activities of Indonesia's Public Relations Coordination Agency held by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on November 21 to 24, 2017.

"This year, Pariaman is targeting the third winner, it reflects on the 33rd edition which is more dominant in displaying news and information about local cultural richness," Task Force (Plt) of Pariaman Communication and Informatics Office Yalviendri stated in Pariaman, Wednesday.

It assesses with various information and news about local cultural treasures such as tourism, culinary, and handicraft which can be its own points in the activity.

For example he said, in the magazine, local government displays information about Tabuik Cultural Feast held every year and has entered the international-level promotional exchanges in various countries.

In addition to display local cultural richness, the municipality also offers various investment opportunities such as coastal development, especially small islands in the city.

He said Tabuik magazine previously able to snatch the national champion in 2010 and the third champion in 2013 in the same activity. With the achievement of these achievements, local governments are quite optimistic to achieve maximum results.

"The highest achievement of Tabuik magazine can be the first winner in 2010, 2017 we re-seek the achievement," he said.

In addition to target Tabuik magazine able to snatch the national champion, local government also strives to report performance 2016 and typical Merchandise region able to enter the top three on the assessment of the activities.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) of Pariaman Ikhlas Bakri is assessing Tabuik 33rd edition is quite capable of various things including, appearance, grammar, use of terms and others.

Then, he said, the magazine of Pariaman government is also more dominant to promote various potential areas such as tourism, culinary and local crafts.

Tabuik Magazine is a medium or media information published by the government of Pariaman every year with some editions.

The magazine generally contains about tourism, culture, social, economy, religion and other things including regional development. (cha)

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