Bukittinggi To Hold Multiethnic Festival

id Bukittinggi To Hold Multiethnic Festival

Jam Gadang. (Antara)

Bukittinggi, (Antara Sumbar) - Government of Bukittinggi Municipality, West Sumatra, will hold a Multiethnic Festival on October 13 to 15, 2017 in the court of Jam Gadang tourist attraction as a weekend entertainment for visitors in the area.

Head of the local Tourism, Youth and Sports Agency, Erwin Umar in Bukittinggi, Wednesday (Oct 11), said the Multiethnic Festival presents an art performance for visitors at Jam Gadang for free.

There are performances from 10 ethnic groups and regions that will enliven the atmosphere of the weekend in Bukittinggi namely ethnic of Japan, India, Minang, Malay, Java, Nias, Tapanuli, Batak, East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan.

There are artists coming from paguyuban and area of origin. The viewers from Kalimantan, ethnic of Japan and India come directly from the region and country of origin.

The activity starts from 07.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. and every performer gets a chance to perform for 30 to 60 minutes.

In that duration, performers freely display any art but will later focus on contemporary dance art.

From the activity, it is expected that there are mutual benefits, especially from the side of tourism and culture in which the performers introduce the culture for people in Bukittinggi then they introduce Bukittinggi to the residents in their original areas.

To support the festivity, the institute prepares invitations for the school so that students come to watch the show and brochures for hotel owners to be distributed to guests who come to stay.

The Multiethnic Festival has entered West Sumatra's event and proposed to the national. It is the first and will be on tourism agenda every year.

Through the event, local government has a target to support the increasing number of foreign tourists in accordance with the national target of 20 million visits by 2019. (cha)

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