Cultural Heritage Focused on SRG: BPCB

id Cultural Heritage Focused on SRG: BPCB

Thousand of Rumah Gadang. (Antara)

Padang Aro, (Antara Sumbar) - The Head of Conservation of Cultural Heritage Center of Batusangkar (BPCB) Nurmatias said temporarily the proposed of cultural heritage in South Solok, West Sumatra, focused on Thousand of 'Rumah Gadang' (SRG).

"After it is success, it can be continued to other places in South Solok which are potential," he said during the socialization of preservation of cultural heritage in Padang Aro on Wednesday (Oct 11).

In the area of SRG, there are 113 units of Rumah Gadang, two mosques, one mushalla and one grave of Sheikh Maulana Ibrahim which is planned to enter in the cultural heritage which is in the land of acres of 26 hectares.

In addition, the advantages in South Solok is the region of SRG, it is most varied than in other areas.

South Solok Regent Muzni Zakaria said the local government is ready to cooperate with BPCB to accelerate the realization of cultural heritage in the region of SRG.

"Determination of cultural heritage is something that we have been waiting for a long time and for the realization we are ready to cooperate and listen to the input from anyone," he said.

According to him, local government needs guidance from various parties for the development of SRG area.

"We are ready to help the realization of SRG so that the cultural reserves including in funding support," he said.

Architect namely Yori Antar says SRG is well prepared to be a tourism village, especially with the number of homestays that have sprung up.

Besides, he declared his readiness to help but not as a project. It is must be done together with community.

"We have built custom homes in 15 regions in Indonesia, including in Nias and West Sumatra and all built with mutual cooperation with community," he added. (cha)

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