Padangpariaman To Have Rafting Sports Attraction Soon

id Padangpariaman To Have Rafting Sports Attraction Soon

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Parit Malintang, (Antara Sumbar) -Padangpariaman District, West Sumatra, soon has a rafting sports attraction to increase tourist arrivals and the economy of people in the area.

"Currently the members of the tourism awareness group (Pokdarwis) are doing the exercises whose trainers are brought from Bandung," Head of Sports, Tourism and Youth Office (Disparpora) of Padangpariaman, Jon Kenedi stated in Parit Malitang on Sunday (Oct 8).

Pokdarwis members are also from tour guides who have obtained a license from tourist agency in the area.

However, to develop a sports tour that combines adventure, education, recreation, and cohesiveness, it requires intense training for Pokdarwis members to be proficient in guiding inflatable boats in the swift stream.

The exercises performed by Pokdarwis members are conducted every day, starting from September 28.

If the Pokdarwis member has been skilled at guiding the boat then his side will take care of the insurance of tourist object to ensure the tourists safety.

"So we really prepare it first, when the preparation has been done, then this tourist attraction we will announce to local and national tourists," he said.

Head of Development of Tourism Object of Padangpariaman Disparpora, Wiwik Herawati said the selection of Pokdarwis consisting of local youth as a rafting boat guide aims to make public directly feel the impact of every tourist attraction in the area. (cha)

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