Infrastructure Development Needs Biodiversity Consideration: Academician

id Infrastructure Development Needs Biodiversity Consideration: Academician

Illustration. Infrastructure Development. (Antara)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Academician of biology, from STKIP PGRI of West Sumatra Fachrul Reza, M.Si said the infrastructure development plan in the province needs to pay attention to the existence of biodiversity living on the project site.

"As the development plan of Tarok City in Padang Pariaman or Padang-Pekanbaru toll road, government must pay attention to the existence of animals such as birds that should be prioritized in addition to social interest of community," he said in Padang on Thursday (Oct 5).

According to him, infrastructure development plan needs to be done to face the development of the area, but the development of other creatures is still needed.

Hence, there should be anticipatory steps and analysis from government before doing the development, such as strengthening the Environmental Impact Analysis (Amdal).

In preparing Amdal, it must be serious and does not only prioritize the chemical, physical and social aspects but also biology.

Studies for biology, especially bio-conservation must be deep including the calculations such as trees cut or left.

"If it must pass through the habitat of animals or plants, it would need to be considered compensation for the creature after the development carried out," he added.

The bottom line is that infrastructure development can work, but biodiversity life continues, this is thing need to be thought about.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Padang Mahyeldi Ansharullah said in building infrastructure, all aspects must included into consideration.

Both in the natural environment, physics, chemistry, social and economic considerations of government while building roads, bridges or buildings, he added. (cha)

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