"Familliar Trip" Program To Attract Tourists in Visiting W Sumatra

id Familliar Trip Program To Attract Tourists in Visiting W Sumatra

Asnawi Bahar. (Antara)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Chairman of Asita Indonesia Asnawi Bahar mentioned the program namely "Familliar Trip" is one step to attract tourists in coming to West Sumatra Province.

"Familliar Trip Program is a strategy to attract tourists to explore tourist attractions. It should be utilized considering the number of tourism potential in West Sumatra," Asnawi Bahar stated in Padang, Tuesday.

From Asita itself, he said, the program has been running with promotions in a number of countries such as Malaysia, China, Singapore, China, and Taiwan.

The program, he pointed out, is also accompanied by integration carried out between Asita in a province with other provinces.

"So when tourists come to Bali or other tourist areas, it usually takes two weeks, then some days they will be brought to West Sumatra," he said.

West Sumatra with marine tourism, he said, is one of favorite destinations that is difficult to be promoted.

Previously, it was delivered by Asnawi while accompanying seven tourists from Taiwan to Padang, Tuesday.

In addition to Padang, the tourist plans to go to Anai Valley, Minangkabau Village, Pandai Sikek, and Jam Gadang Bukittinggi.

"This is one of the pieces of "Familliar Trip" program that has been promoted earlier, in the future it must be intensified," he said.

To support the program, he asked government to fix tourism potential as well as providing supporting facilities. One of these routes is direct flights from one area to another, without the need for transit.

Meanwhile, Head of Padang Tourism Department, Medi Iswandi, added that his side will continue to fix the existing tourist points, including island tours. (cha)

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