Padangpariaman Accelerated Licensing Service To Attract Investors

id Padangpariaman Accelerated Licensing Service To Attract Investors

Illustration - Investment. (Antara)

Parit Malintang, (Antara Sumbar) -The Government of Padangpariaman District, West Sumatra, has accelerated the licensing service to attract investors to invest in the area.

"Even for the developer, the management of building permit (IMB) can be completed within one hour," Head of Padangpariaman Regional Office of Investment, DPMPTP, Hendra Aswara stated in Parit Malintang, Thursday (Sept 28).

The original regional revenue (PAD) of related office is dominated by IMB from the developer.

PAD from IMB until September 2017 reached Rp445.8 million from the target set of Rp500 million.

"We are optimistic that by the end of this month, PAD target can reach 100 percent," he said.

In addition to speed up service, DPMPTP also made a number of innovations by enacting an online system for all licenses.

Deposit fees are paid through the nearest banks so there are no more cash transactions.

Then applying the free licensing service included in a number of permissions to spur business actors in the area.

Then "pick up the ball" to investors also be done as well as the opening of public complaints to the licensing service to avoid illegal levies.

Although local parliament has increased the revenue target through the agency by 50 percent, it will seek to realize it for the improvement of Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget for development in the area.

Meanwhile, Head of Licensing and Non-Licensing Division of DPMPTP, Heri Sugianto said that the licensing service innovation is continuously conducted so that the services will be faster, transparent and accountable.

"We ask the support of the sub-district, and head of nagari to socialize it to community for its development in Padangpariaman," he added. (*)

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