PLN Builds Medium-Voltage Network in Mentawai

id PLN Builds Medium-Voltage Network in Mentawai

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Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Limited State Electricity Company (PLN) of West Sumatra develops a 7.3 kilometer medium-voltage network of circuits in Mentawai Islands to increase availability of power supply in the area.

"JTM is a fast network that serves to strengthen the electrical system that is in vital access in Mentawai Islands, Tua Pejat, and its office area," General Manager of West Sumatra Region PLN, Bambang Yusuf stated in Padang, Monday (Sept 25).

He said the construction of the network has run 20 percent and it is targeted to operate in October 2017.

"The construction of the network has been planned for a long time, but it can be realized at the end of August 2017 because of some obstacles faced by PLN officers in the field such as constraints of difficult material transportation access and unfriendly weather," he said.

However, PLN remains committed to solve it quickly so that the reliability of electricity in the area is increasing.

JTM's new network mining aims to ensure the availability of electricity in the event of a disturbance to the feeder, as it is prone to disturbance.

"We do not want the interruption of electricity which can disrupt our electricity customers because it will cause the outages," he said.

Meanwhile, Manager of Rayon Tua Pejat, Aprinaldo said the construction of new JTM network will improve the reliability of electricity in places that have been prone to interference.

"The faster the settlement of the network, the more secure and the electricity supply in Mentawai Islands," he added. (cha)

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