All Population Documents Handling in Agam are Free of Charge

id All Population Documents Handling in Agam are Free of Charge

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Lubukbasung, (Antara Sumatra) - The handling of all population documents in Agam District, West Sumatra, are free of charge with the services of officers conducted to nagari or adat villages, local officials said.

"All the costs of obtaining KTPs, family cards, moving documents, birth certificates and others are free or free of charge," Official of Agam Department of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil) Misran stated in Lubukbasung on Friday (Sept 22).

In addition to eliminate the cost of processing documents of population, Disdukcapil Agam also serves the processing of population documents to the level of nagari and school.

Especially in schools, serving the maintenance of ID cards for students who are over the age of 17 years.

"We will send such writing to the school related to school service schedule," he said.

The service at the nagari level is done on Saturday and Sunday after a request from nagari.

The service involves the officers of the Population Registration and Civil Registration Service (UP3SK).

"All the supporting tools in the arrangement will be brought to the location so that all documents can be published on location as long as their conditions are complete," he said.

The services provided aims to facilitate the public to take care of required letters.

With the service community, no longer need to spend for transportation.

Previously residents had to pay transportation costs of about Rp100,000 for each time handling because their home away from Disdukcapil office in Lubuk Basung and Disdukcapil office behind Bukittinggi.

"With this pattern, it has minimized costs to be incurred by community, because the cost incurred with this service is only about Rp10.000," he said.

Chairman of the Community Social Institution (NGO) Building Together Defending the Nation Agam Lukman gives appreciation to government which has eliminated the documentation of population and serves up to the nagari level.

That way, he said, the community is helped and does not pay for the processing of document.

"We hope this is maintained and the service is done to as it is needed," he added. (cha)

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