W Pasaman Gets Several Archievements on Livestock Contest

id W Pasaman Gets Several Archievements on Livestock Contest

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Simpang Empat, (Antara Sumbar) - West Pasaman District, West Sumatra, obtained a number of achievements on Livestock Expo and Livestock Contest at Provincial level in South Solok District on September 18 to 20, 2017.

"We are grateful that the Livestock Contest is still able to achieve, hopefully in the future it will be better," Head of Food Crops of Holticulture and Animal Husbandry of West Pasaman, Memi Zesmita stated in Simpang Empat on Thursday (Sept 21).

He said that among the awards, he received was the award for the Regent of West Pasaman, Syahiran as the implementing district of the Mandatory Bunting Special Cow (Siwab), the 1st winner, the 1st PO, the hope of a female simental and the hope of 2 Bali Jantan.

"We also got 1 solo song hope and 2 duet singing expectations," he said.

Related to Livestock Expo, it is an exhibition of animal products and animal health products that are integrated in the form of livestock promotion exhibitions, livestock contests, skillful competitions, intelligent elementary level, animal husbandry service and animal health, art and sport competitions.

"This event is certainly a benchmark for West Pasaman to continue in improving existing farms," ​​he said.

He explained that the potential of cattle in West Pasaman is quite high because it is supported by the availability of adequate animal feed. It is including the availability of animal feed from corn crops that exist.

"West Pasaman has a corn plant area of ​​33,357 hectares which reached 286,078 tons production per year, which is very supportive to the development of existing cattle," he said.

He added that besides being able to provide additional income for farmers, it also in addition to farming and gardening.

Cattle manure will be able to provide organic fertilizer which is very helpful for agricultural crops and plantations.

Fertilizer from cow dung will able to help fertilize plants in West Pasaman such as corn, palm oil and other crops.

"Hopefully, the future of West Pasaman farm sector will be better in order to improve the welfare of farmers," he hoped. (cha)

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