South Solok Offers Tourism Packages During Livestock Expo

id South Solok Offers Tourism Packages During Livestock Expo

Thousands of Rumah Gadang Tourism Area in South Solok District. (Antara)

Padang Aro, (Antara Sumbar) -The Government of South Solok District, West Sumatera offers tour packages to visitors during the "livestock expo" or livestock contest which will be held on September 18 to 20, 2017.

"We will provide an outlet to offer a complete tour package with a vehicle to take them to the location," Head of Culture Division of Tourism and Culture of South Solok, Bujang Basri stated after the finalization meeting of livestock expo in Padang Aro on Thursday (Sept 14).

According to him, a lot of number of livestock expo visitors can be an opportunity to promote the tour so that it can be more known by the public.

Livestock expo will be visited by thousands of people for three days so it becomes a great opportunity to offer and promote such local tourism.

We will prepare the tour package so that on the day of implementation of livestock expo, it can already be offered to visitors from various circles," he said.

South Solok is currently being heavily developing tourism so every opportunity for the promotion will be utilized as much as possible.

Livestock expo itself will be visited by various circles such as government officials, businessmen, community leaders, professional and legislative.

It is also visited by observers, food lovers and the environment as well as the general public and students.

While the livestock expo participants are the agencies, State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD), educational institutions, associations, general, livestock companies and SMEs.

Meanwhile, West Sumatra tourism activist, Yulnofrins Napilus said local government should use this momentum to directly introduce physically the main tourist destinations of South Solok such as Seribu Rumah Gadang, Batu Kapal Cave, Twin Falls and Bangunrejo Peak.

In addition, he added the preparation of a special transportation field trip to the location in the form of brochures and souvenirs is also needed.

"For those who want to stay and try a thousand Rumah Gadang, it is offered from now through email, social media and brochure and other media," he said.

Thousand of Rumah Gadang has ten homestays in operation.

"For the promotion, local government should help escort guests in a thousand of Rumah Gadang so that the visitors feel comfortable and memorable," he continued. (cha)

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