South Solok Dry Grains Production Reached 106,698 Tons

id South Solok Dry Grains Production Reached 106,698 Ton

Dry grains. (Antara)

Padang Aro, (Antara Sumbar) -The production of dry grains of South Solok District, West Sumatra from January to August 2017 reached 106,698.6 tons or 70.1 percent of the target set at 152,191 tons during 2017.

"We are optimistic that the target of 152,191 tons can be reached by the end of the year, as various aid to accelerate the processing of rice fields and harvest has been distributed to farmers," Head of South Solok Agriculture Agency, Tri Handoyo Gunardi stated in Padang Aro on Thursday (Sept 14).

In addition, he said, with a time of four months, farmers can still do one plant to harvest.

He said, for the planting area of ​​South Solok now is 19,077 hectares or 68.43 percent of 27,773 hectares planting target.

With the remaining time in the next four months, he said, it will be encouraged to accelerate planting communities so that they can reach the target at the end of year.

As for the harvested area of ​​27,762 hectares, the target this year has been realized 19,467 hectares or 70.1 percent.

The highest harvest area occurred in August with 3,356 tons while the lowest in July was 2,018 tons.

He added that the printing process of new fields is now also in the start so it can boost planting area.

This year, South Solok gets 92 hectares in two locations namely Padang Limau Sundai Sangir Batang Hari Sub-district and Liki Sangir Sub-district.

"Now that has begun the new work of Padang Limau Sundai and it can be planted on October," he said.

South Solok alone has a planting index (IP) 2.7 annually.

Actually he said, South Solok charged IP 3.5 per year but it is difficult to implement.

"Farmers after harvest tend to leave the fields empty for a few weeks while preparing the seeds so it is difficult to reach IP 3.5," he said.

Meanwhile, one farmer Ir (41) said for the planting period in a year, it can only be three times with two crops.

"For the third planting season, the harvest period is on the next year," he said.

To plant and harvest three times a year, he said, it will be difficult because the process of preparing the land is long enough.

"To prepare the land, it takes about a month while waiting for the seeds ready to plant," he added. (cha)

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